5 Soldiers, Rosie Kay Dance Company

5SPROMORI am currently working with Rosie Kay Dance Company on the forthcoming production of 5 SOLDIERS.

5 SOLDIERS is a moving, dramatic and unique work that looks at how the human body remains essential to war, even in the 21st century.

5 SOLDIERS premieres at Birmingham Rep on 23 April 2015 and tours around the UK including to, London, Manchester, Oxford and York, from April to June. Full tour details can be found at 5soldiers.co.uk


Minimum Monument Video

In August 2014 I was commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome to perform live alongside Néle Azevedo’s installation of Minimum Monument, part of the City’s commemorations for the centenary of World War One. Néle’s work deliberately celebrates the common man; the exhibition honoured not only those who fought in WW1 but all those that contributed including families who made a sacrifice. You can read more about the project in my earlier post.

Below is a short video documenting the creation and the event.

September Performances

This September I have two performances as SOUNDkitchen with Iain Armstrong. Iain and I began performing together early this year, and have since continued to work together developing and refining our set for different environments.

The first of our performances will take place at SOUNDkitchen at Vivid Projects on Saturday 13 September. Also on the bill are Chris Mapp and Ben Ramsay who form the third of SOUNDkitchen’s New Collaborations project and, Formuls, a live AV set from Matt Parker and James Dooley. For more information click here

MET MCUK Sep 2014 FlyerARMAHT_bridge_crop2c

We will then be taking the same material to Metanast,  Manchester on 26 September,  performing a multichannel version over their 16-channel loudspeaker system. Also performing are Robert Curgenven and Rodrigo Constanzo plus others. For more information visit Metanast’s website

Minimum Monument

I am really looking forward to performing on Saturday 2 August in Chamberlain Square, Birmingham as part of Néle Azevedo’s Minimum Monument project, an open air exhibition displaying 5,000 figures made of ice. Minimimum Monument is part of the City’s celebrations commemorating the centenary of World War One. Néle’s work deliberately celebrates the common man; the exhibition will honour not only those who fought in WW1 but all those that contributed including families who made a sacrifice.


The Minimum Monument project is a critical reading of the monument in the contemporary cities. In a few-minutes action, the official canons of the monument are inverted: in the place of the hero, the anonym; in the place of the solidity of the stone, the ephemeral ice; in the place of the monumental scale, the minimum scale of the perishable bodies. Thousands of small sculptures of ice are placed in public space. The memory is inscribed in the photographic image and shared by everyone. It is no longer reserved to great heroes nor to great monuments. It loses its static condition to gain fluidity in the urban displacement and in the change of state of the water. It concentrates small sculptures of small men, the common men.

I am currently dividing my time between the creation space (recording sound material), my studio (preparing the sounds for performance) and my kitchen (experimenting with microphones and ice). Minimum Monument starts at 1pm on Saturday when the public will be invited to place the ice sculptures on the steps of Chamberlain Square. I will be performing at around 2pm until the ice has melted.

Minimum Monument is presented by Birmingham Hippodrome. More information is available here

Performance at KLANG! Électroacoustique

Earlier this month I was invited to perform as a member of SOUNDkitchen at KLANG!électroacoustique a new festival in Montpellier, France. Klang Acousmonium is a new venture for fellow SOUNDkitchen composer Julien Guillamat who recently returned to France, taking a collection of loudspeakers with him. It was an honour to perform at the inaugural festival alongside some fantastic composers including Francis Bayle, François Dhomont, Annette Vande Gorne, Jonty Harrison and Dennis Smalley. I performed a live acousmatics set with Iain Armstrong which James Carpenter diffused over the 50 loudspeaker acousmonium. We will hopefully have a repeat performance in Birmingham at one of the forthcoming SOUNDkitchen gigs this year.

Sound and Music Composer-Curator Programme

Earlier this year I was delighted to join the Sound and Music Composer-Curator programme. This brilliant initiative supports grassroots event-series or festivals of new music, curated and organised by composers

The funding is supporting SOUNDkitchen’s Series 2014 which will comprise 4 events from May to November. For this series we launched our New Collaborations project, commissioning a series of new collaborative performances from artists who haven’t previously worked together. We are also proud to be supporting an emerging artist from the Midlands at each event. For more information about the events and artists head over to soundkitchenuk.org


Spring Performances

I have a few performance dates this Spring. There is Hope is completing the Spring tour  and Past Links has been programmed in a couple of concerts. More details follow.

Past Links 

20 April 6.00pm: Red Sonic Festival, London. More details here
1 May 1.30pm: BULO (Bristol University Loudspeaker Orchestra). More details here

There is Hope, Rosie Kay Dance Company, Tour Dates: 

16 April 7.30pm HUDDERSFIELD Lawrence Batley Theatre, www.thelbt.org
25 April 7.30pm BRISTOL Circomedia, www.circomedia.com
30 April 7.30pm COVENTRY Warwick Arts Centre, www.warwickartscentre.co.uk
3 May 7.45pm HEREFORD The Courtyard, www.courtyard.org.uk



Perfomance at Supersonic Festival

To honour the occasion of Supersonic’s 10th anniversary and the recent discovery of the lost Festival of The Rea, the SOUNDkitchen collective will give a special performance of Earth Ears: A Sonic Ritual by Pauline Oliveros. Known for her ritualistic and meditative approach to sound and listening, Oliveros’ work invites performers and audience to engage in a Deep Listening experience.

For this performance each member of the collective will invoke one of the four classical elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water, central to ancient pagan practices and magic rituals. Each performer will reveal their sonic manifestation through musical actions, recorded representations and improvisation. Through collective expression and meditation we invite you to celebrate the spirit and history of the River Rea in Digbeth as an historic site of community, creativity and mystical energy.

SONICritual will be performed by: Iain Armstrong, Julien Guillamat, Annie Mahtani, Shelly Knotts. Sound engineer: James Carpenter

Performance time 16:00, Sunday 21 October, The Theatre, Supersonic Festival

There is Hope


Over the past few months my creative output has mostly been channeled into working on the latest production for Rosie Kay Dance Company.

There is Hope explores faith, belief, ritual, and the confines and claustrophobia of an international cast of incredible performers and musicians.  As they journey through a universe of heavens, hells and purgatories – worlds of beauty and of the bizarre – expect humour, black comedy, athletic performances and, in true Rosie Kay style, some unexpected and extraordinary moments of dance and theatre.

For this work I’ve been composing fixed music to complement the incredible live musicians Chris Mapp, Sam Wooster and Mike Hurley who are on stage performing a structured improvisation for the duration of the production. There Is Hope has been an exciting if challenging production to work on and has developed into a truly incredible show.

The premiere is this Wednesday 3rd October at the Patrick Centre in Birmingham. The autumn tour dates follow.

There is Hope National Tour 2012

Wednesday 3rd October World Premiere DanceXchange, Birmingham
Thursday 4th October DanceXchange, Birmingham
Thursday 11th October Winchester Theatre Royal
Tuesday 16th October Jersey Arts Centre
Saturday 27th October Lemon Tree (Aberdeen City Moves Festival)
Friday 9th November Dance East, Ipswich
Saturday 10th November Dance East, Ipswich
Friday 16th November Barnsely Civic
Thursday 22nd November Dance City, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tuesday 27th November Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

Spring 2013 dates to follow including Midlands Arts Centre (mac) and Warwick Arts Centre.

I’ll post some audio samples in due course!