5 Soldiers: National Tour 2017

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NATIONAL TOUR 2017 in association with The Army The critically acclaimed 5 Soldiers returns this year launching at  this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 11 August, the production then embarks on a six-week tour of Army drill halls in London, Hull, Aldershot, Swindon, Colchester and Birmingham. For more information visit 5soldiers.co.uk   Tour dates and venues  Edinburgh Festival ...

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MK Ultra, Rosie Kay Dance Company

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I’ve been working with Rosie Kay Dance Company again for the latest production MK Ultra. The work is a high energy, supercharged mash-up of thrilling dance, music and imagery inspired by the bizarre realm of pop culture mind control conspiracies. The soundtrack for MK ULTRA is a pulsating mash-up of trap, footwork, electronic sounds and manipulated ...

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SLIP 11-12 September 2015

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I am looking forward to presenting work later this week as part of SLIP, brought to you by Fierce Festival! Across two days, eight artists will present new or existing work for the usually closed-to-public women’s slipper baths cubicles at Moseley Road Baths. They will be accompanied by a programme of short films curated by Kino ...

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Residency at EMS Stockholm, August 2015

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I am getting set for a short residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm from 10-14 August 2015. I will be working on developing material for a new multichannel work using material recorded on a field recording expedition to College Valley in Northumberland, earlier this year. I will also be armed with recording equipment and am looking forward to ...

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Full of Noises / Cafe Oto, August 2015

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FULL OF NOISES PRESENTS:WORKINGTON AND BEYOND – MULTI-CHANNEL WORKS BY BRONA MARTIN + CATHY LANE + KAREN POWER + ANNIE MAHTANI My piece Past Links was included in this ‘Full of Noises’ programme curated by Brona Martin. Brona was commisioned to marke a new work for the Hub – the UK’s only public outdoor 3D ambisonic ...

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5 Soldiers, Rosie Kay Dance Company

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I am currently working with Rosie Kay Dance Company on the forthcoming production of 5 SOLDIERS. 5 SOLDIERS is a moving, dramatic and unique work that looks at how the human body remains essential to war, even in the 21st century. 5 SOLDIERS premieres at Birmingham Rep on 23 April 2015 and tours around the UK ...

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Minimum Monument Video

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In August 2014 I was commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome to perform live alongside Néle Azevedo’s installation of Minimum Monument, part of the City’s commemorations for the centenary of World War One. Néle’s work deliberately celebrates the common man; the exhibition honoured not only those who fought in WW1 but all those that contributed including families who ...

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September Performances

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This September I have two performances as SOUNDkitchen with Iain Armstrong. Iain and I began performing together early this year, and have since continued to work together developing and refining our set for different environments. The first of our performances will take place at SOUNDkitchen at Vivid Projects on Saturday 13 September. Also on the ...

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Minimum Monument

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I am really looking forward to performing on Saturday 2 August in Chamberlain Square, Birmingham as part of Néle Azevedo’s Minimum Monument project, an open air exhibition displaying 5,000 figures made of ice. Minimimum Monument is part of the City’s celebrations commemorating the centenary of World War One. Néle’s work deliberately celebrates the common man; ...

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