5 Soldiers: National Tour 2017

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NATIONAL TOUR 2017 in association with The Army The critically acclaimed 5 Soldiers returns this year launching at  this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 11 August, the production then embarks on a six-week tour of Army drill halls in London, Hull, Aldershot, Swindon, Colchester and Birmingham. For more information visit 5soldiers.co.uk   Tour dates and venues  Edinburgh Festival ...

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Residency at EMS Stockholm, August 2015

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I am getting set for a short residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm from 10-14 August 2015. I will be working on developing material for a new multichannel work using material recorded on a field recording expedition to College Valley in Northumberland, earlier this year. I will also be armed with recording equipment and am looking forward to ...

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There is Hope

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Over the past few months my creative output has mostly been channeled into working on the latest production for Rosie Kay Dance Company. There is Hope explores faith, belief, ritual, and the confines and claustrophobia of an international cast of incredible performers and musicians.  As they journey through a universe of heavens, hells and purgatories – ...

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Supersonic Festival 22-23 October

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SOUNDkitchen are taking part in this year’s Supersonic Festival and will be resident in the Zellig building over the festival (22-23 October). Working in collaboration with BEAST, we’re setting up a site-specific sound sculpture which will host performances and installations throughout the weekend. I’ll be performing live with Julien Guillamat on Saturday and Past Links will ...

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STONEsoup [made in Birmingham]

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This Friday SOUNDkitchen presents STONEsoup in collaboration with BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre). 14 artists have contributed up to 5 minutes of material which I have reworked into an hour long piece to be diffused over the BEAST sound system. The only prerequisite was that all the sounds were originally recorded in Birmingham. The work ...

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In the autumn of 2010 I began working on SOUNDkitchen, an idea developed to help promote composers like myself working in Birmingham, to get more opportunities to play their work and perform in and around the town. After speaking with friends and fellow composers I received enough positive feedback to spur me on. Everyone agreed ...

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