One of the striking elements of the sound world in the jungle is that there is activity all around you, all of the time. There are hundreds of events occuring simultaneously and it is overwhelming. In this installation, selected recordings are spatialised in to 8-channels to create an immersive sound environment. Two 8-channel rings of loudspeakers are offset and at different heights, each creating it’s own distinct environment but never quite escaping the other.

The sounds I chose to playback through the different size rings reflect the perspective and space of the forest. More expansive recordings are played back through the larger ring while closer, more detailed recordings (which encompass hydrophone and contact microphone recordings) are played back through the smaller ring. The listener can walk between the two environments choosing their own listening space. Over the course of an hour the recordings evolve according to the temporal changes of an average day.

Special thanks to BEAST, Modulate, Arts Council England and The Custard Factory.