This Friday SOUNDkitchen presents STONEsoup in collaboration with BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre).

14 artists have contributed up to 5 minutes of material which I have reworked into an hour long piece to be diffused over the BEAST sound system. The only prerequisite was that all the sounds were originally recorded in Birmingham.

The work presents a sonic portrait of Birmingham, blending field recordings from Peter Cusack, Martin Clarke and Julien Guillamat with specially composed pieces by Mark Harris, Iain Armstrong, Chris Tarren, Shelly Knotts and others.

STONEsoup takes the listener through a unique aural journey of the city, framed with archive video footage of the city from Ross Millar.

The complete list of contributors are Iain Armstrong / Peter Batchelor / Bobby Bird / Nic Bullen / Martin Clarke / Peter Cusack / Cormac Faulkner / Julien Guillamat / Mark Harris / Shelly Knotts / Francisco Lopez  / Annie Mahtani / Ross Millar / Chris Tarren

STONEsoup is performed on Friday 4th March, 9pm @ mac as part of BEAST’s Espaces series.

Tickets are available at £5 (£3.50 concessions £2 students) and

can be booked here.

Places are limited so advance booking recommended.